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Governance & Management assistance FAQ

How long have you been consulting to business?

Although Forman Baxendale Consulting Pty Ltd is a new firm we have been consulting, advising training and mentoring for decades as individuals. We have taught, mentored and advised businesses and NFP organisations around Australia and have each operated businesses of our own. 

What is the main cause of business failure or failure to thrive?

Most people go into business with specialized skills or expertise. However, operating a business also requires specialist skills. Studies have consistently shown that people whose business failed overwhelmingly identified the primary cause of failure as their lack of business management and governance skills combined with procrastination in attending to those shortcomings. None of us are experts in everything and the good news is that business skills can be learned and acquired using trusted advisers. Only large corporations can afford expert accountants and lawyers etc on their payroll. Firms like ours are ideally suited to partnering  small to medium sized business or NFP organisations through periods of growth or difficulties.

How much do you charge?

This depends on how you engage our services and which services you require. We can write a fee proposal for specific projects you may like us to quote for and that fee will cover completion of the work.  We can be engaged on a daily part-time basis until you believe your need has passed.  We can also work on retainer making us available for you as and when needed. Our mentoring services are charged at an hourly rate and may involve us travelling to you, phone conversations and / or email exchanges. We also offer Quantum Leap business training programs which provide a very cost effective way to empower you in business and increase your business profits.  We can also take Board positions for agreed annual fee if that level of input is sought.