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As the Principals of Forman Baxendale Consulting we work directly with you. We are your direct contacts because one of our primary values is Relationship, which is underpinned by Professionalism, Reliability, Integrity and Results. We work for you and with you, offering personalized consulting, training, advisory and mentoring services.

Schools and other NFP

Examples of how we can offer support to  boards and leadership:

Finance and Risk Management

  •   Strategic Planning.
  •  Financial planning, budgets & bench-marking.
  •  Full or partial Risk Assessments. 
  • Financial, governance, contracts & project reviews.
  • Fraud prevention and controls

Projects design, delivery and review

  •  Planning your business growth phases.
  • Review and assistance with project plans.

Managing People 

  • Assessments / reviews
  • Disputes assistance 
  • Employment contracts 
  • Mentoring / coaching
  • Skills needs and gap analysis.


  •  Board agendas, meeting protocols and annual board planning.
  • Board performance reviews and improving effectiveness
  • Board and Director training and mentoring
  •  Board Committees and processes
  •  Dashboard reporting
  •  Effective meetings. 
  • Essential financial and risk windows. 
  •  Legal Compliance reviews
  • Pro Forma documents for Boards
  •  Issues Resolving 
  •  Risk reviews and processes
  •  Strategic Planning.

Training. Mentoring. Coaching. 

  •  Chairperson, board and senior staff.
  •  Financial literacy for boards and senior staff
  •  Writing for purpose and specific audiences

For Profit SME

In addition to our popular Quantum Leap programs for increasing business profitability we offer the following services. 

Finance and Risk Management 

✓ Financial planning, budgets & bench-marking.

 ✓ Full or partial Risk Assessments. 

 ✓ Financial, governance, contracts & project reviews. 

✓ Business Strategic Planning

 ✓ Pricing & quoting. 

Projects design, delivery and review 

✓ Planning your business growth phases. 

Managing People  

✓ Disputes assistance 

✓ Mentoring / coaching 

✓ Assessments / reviews

 ✓ Skills needs and gap analysis. 


✓ Managing governance obligations. 

✓ Effective meetings.  

✓ The essential financial and risk windows.  

✓ Dashboard reporting. 

✓ Strategic Plans. 

Training. Mentoring. Coaching.  

✓ Owner managers and senior staff. 

✓ Financial literacy for boards and senior staff

 ✓ Writing for purpose and specific audiences